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862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY

Spoken Word Slam Workshop

Live out loud and have fun doing it. In four weeks you'll learn the art of spoken word performance established by the greats of Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Def Poetry Jam, The Moth, and more. This art form combines stand-up comedy, poetry, and dramatic monologue, and is an entertaining yet penetrating way for young people with big ideas about the world to get their voices heard—and learn performance techniques. 

Week 1: What's The Word?

What you choose to write about could be personal, political, dreamy, or romantic—it's up to you, and your imagination. We'll dig in to what we care about and choose our topics, plus learn the styles of spoken word expression. Get introduced to the masters. You'll go home and write a short sketch.

Week 2: What’s Your Style?

This week you'll commit to a style: rhyming or non-rhyming? Story, poem, rap, or song? You do you. We'll discuss how to engage an audience and how to polish your writing. You'll turn your sketch into a performance piece. 

Week 3: Mic Check!

Among friends, we'll rehearse our lines and cheer each other on. This isn't a competition and the diversity of voices will be celebrated. We'll design a flyer/invitation to announce your Spoken Word Slam! Night and get friends and family excited to hear your innermost thoughts revealed. 

Week 4: Spoken Word Slam!

Performance night is filled with attitude, laughs, sometimes tears, and applause as artists vocalize from the heart. Audience members can expect eye-opening and soul-piercing lyrics to come from the artists. This will be an evening to remember. The celebration includes performance, food, and fun for $5/person. Proceeds go to Scarsdale Teen Center. 

Michelle Levy is a writing teacher with a background in acting, neuroscience, yoga, and nature education. She has an MA in Writing and has worked as a book editor in New York for more than a decade. 

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DATE: Tuesdays, November 7 - 28, 2017 

TIME: 5:00-7:00 pm

COST: Four-week class for $80* $2.70 Paypal fee 

Snack Included!