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862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY

The Center @ 862 Rules

 *The staff reserves the right to refuse entrance to or to expel any person who does not comply with Scarsdale Teen Center (STC) rules.  The following rules are subject to change.

  1.  All participants will be under the supervision of the STC Director or designated staff member while attending STC.

  2.  STC Eligibility:
  1. The STC is available for use by all Scarsdale residents enrolled in public or private schools grades 9 through 12. Teens in that grade range who do not reside in Scarsdale but who attend Scarsdale schools may also use the STC.
  2. Students in grade 8 are eligible to use the STC beginning during Spring Break.
  3. Senior high school students may attend the STC until September 15 following their high school graduation or as a guest.
  4. Scarsdale resident students are permitted to bring one (this number is subject to change depending on event) non-resident student guest at one time and must adhere to the following STC guest policies.
    1.  All guests using the STC facilities must be introduced by the host to the Director/designated staff member on duty and must sign a logbook including name, address, e-mail and phone number as well as provide ID.
    2.  All guests must arrive with the host and remain in the presence of set host at all times.
    3. The resident host will be held responsible for any damages incurred by his/her guest.  Any guest who causes damage and/or who is disorderly will be asked to leave the STC property. (Herein STC property includes the building itself, behind the building, the driveway and walkway). The rules committee will determine re-admittance.
    4. Non residents are eligible to visit the teens center on their own at a cost of $3/visit and must adhere to the STC rules.

        3.    Controlled substances and weapons:
                The STC is a non-use, no possession facility as follows:

  1. Absolutely no drugs, no drug paraphernalia, alcohol, inhalants and/or controlled substances are allowed on STC property.
  2. Anyone on STC property who is under the influence or possesses any drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, inhalants and/or controlled substances will be prohibited from entering STC property and their re-admittance will be determined by the Rules Committee.  The parents off all offenders will be contacted along with the Scarsdale Police Department.
  3.  Items deemed to be weapons within the provision of the New York State Penal Law are not allowed on STC property. The parents of all offenders will be contacted along with the Scarsdale Police Department, and the Rules Committee will determine their re-admittance.

 4.    Any resident student who causes damage to STC property is responsible for all costs and reparations. The Rules Committee will determine such reparation and re-admittance.

5.    Anyone who enters STC property must abide by the philosophy of mutual respect. Any violation by word or action, including intimidation, use of menacing language or behavior, rough housing and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. The Rules Committee will determine re-admittance.

6.    Anyone who refuses to leave the STC at the request of the director or designated staff member will be subject to the Rules Committee for re-admittance.

7.    Smoking is not allowed on STC property.

8.    The viewing of X-rated and NC-17 movies is prohibited on STC property.

9.    All performers must abide by the above rules.

10.    The Scarsdale Teen Center maintains a safe, drug and alcohol free environment, and provides adult supervision during normal operating hours and at all center events.  Such supervision does not extend beyond the physical premises of the center unless on a Teen Center sponsored trip. Students in 8th grade and above are free to leave the teen center on their own; we are not responsible for any activities that take place off our premises.