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862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY

Gamers  Challenge 

Level of difficulty: ★★★★

Capacity: 2-8 people  (max 8)

The first Escape Room in Westchester, NY!

Everyone has that friend who is really into video games, but some people take it too far.

Your friend has locked you in a room with other people and says he will only let you out if you complete his "challenge". You thought at first he was joking, but he is actually very serious. It seems you won't get out of the room until you solve his puzzles and learn a thing or two about video games.

Can you escape? You're not entirely sure, but you sure wish you had some cheat codes.


Level of difficulty: ★★★★
Capacity: 2-8 people:  (max 8)

You have been fired from the shadiest company in the world Deadline Inc. but you want revenge. So you do what any employee does and sneak back in to steal important documents to bring the company down. Can you make it out before everyone returns?
Location: 862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY 10583 (In The Basement)