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862 Scarsdale Ave., Scarsdale, NY

Who We Are

The Scarsdale Teen Center has a unique two-board governing system comprised of the Adult Board and the Teen Board. Responsibilities of the Adult Board include community relations, community driven programming, fundraising, budget/fiscal management and other legal authority issues. The Teen Board is responsible for the planning and promotion of teen events, community service projects, peer disciplinary measures and has input in the daily operation of the Teen Center under the guidance and support of the Adult Board, Director and paid staff.

Participation by teens in running of the Teen Center and their responsibility for the policies, procedures and programs is designed to develop a strong sense of leadership, empowerment, commitment and self-esteem in the youth of Scarsdale. The incorporation of teens in the program planning and operation of the Teen Center facilitates their development of decision-making skills and responsibility as a means to help them deal with pressures they perceive in their lives.

Staffing for the Teen Center includes a Director/Program Director and part-time Program Coordinators. The Adult Board has direct oversight of the Director. The qualifications for the Director position includes  professional with experience working with teens, running teen programming and handling overall facility administrative and operation duties. The Program Coordinator positions are adults experienced in working with teens and are responsible for Center supervision and safety during hours of operation.

Adult Executive Board


B.K. Munguia


Ansu Thomas


Dan Hochvert

Adult General Board:
Norwood Beveridge
Mary Blum
Jennifer Costello
Terri Harrison
Arlene Katz Spitzer
Ava Lambert
Marjorie Meiman
Alice Ng
Rita Pan
Heather Panessa
Kathy Pascale
Rippy Philipps
Eleanor Skolnik
Esther Sloan
Bonnie Hut Yaseen